Finite Element Analysis

FEA can help determine any points of weakness in a design before it is manufactured. Guice Oilfield uses many types of computer-aided design for FEA projects. We use STAAD.PRO Structural Analysis and ANSYS Finite Element Analysis Software.

With our expertise in structural analysis software, Guice Oilfield is capable of analyzing your mast, derrick, substructure, or equipment on tight notice. We will let you know whether your structure is in proper working order or in need of an upgrade by providing highly detailed, image and text based reports, that are simple to understand and process. Look to Guice Oilfield to validate your product’s performance and safety factors using finite element analysis (FEA) to perform structural simulation. Your mast, derrick, substructure, or equipment can be analyzed with a fast turnaround. Guice utilizes an array of engineering software analysis platforms to validate the integrity and ensure strict API compliance. Add minor changes to a mast to increase the net hook load (new nameplate is issues with every rig) Extend a mast to make room for a top drive without affecting the overall load rating Increase the load capacity of a substructure’s rotary table, mast shoes, and setback Widen the mast board and setback to increase the amount of pipe racked on the rig floor Analysis structures for a skid walking system or a hydraulic walking system Run stress analysis on mud tanks, VFD house, and shaker skids.


We use AutoCAD LT and Solidworks 2015.

Our Drafting team is capable of reading and producing high-quality blueprints based on your oilfield needs. Our capability to dissect 3D drawings and produce working blueprints is one our strong points.