Guice Oilfield offers numerous Oilfield Solutions. We have board-certified engineers and seasoned field technicians. We have many years of expertise in API Cat III & IV inspections. Guice Oilfield can provide quick assessments of your rigs and equipment and will arrive on-site swiftly! The Guice  staff is practiced in re-engineering derricks, masts, and substructures. We can also design new structures and equipment for your existing oilfield operations. Guice offers and tailors a variety of oilfield safety equipment, including Fall Protection Arms. We make Base Beams and custom projects in our GEI Welding fabrication shop. Guice Oilfield will make sure that your project is completed on time and to the highest professional standards!

Guice Oilfield Key Solutions

  • We have Board-Certified Engineers
  • We are experts in API Category III and Category IV Rig Inspections
  • We provide Derrick & Mast re-engineering
  • We offer 24-hour, 7days a week on-site Emergency Troubleshooting
  • We do Substructure Design, Redesign & Upgrades of rigs
  • We design, manufacture and install BOP trolley systems
  • We use ANSYS Finite Element Analysis & STAAD.PRO Structural Analysis
  • We offer Safety Products & Systems including the Guice Fall Protection Arm and a Workover Lifting Ramp
  • We have specialized Hoisting Equipment designs
  • Base Beam Design and Fabrication
  • Custom Oilfield Projects
  • GEI Welding Fabrication Shop