Rig Inspection

inspection1 300x68 Rig Inspection

Is Your Operation Due for a Rig Inspection? Call Our Office at 903-985-8160 We go strictly by the book on API compliance…expect us to hold you to the same! You can trust Guice to know the code thoroughly and...

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Rig Engineering

engineering1 300x68 Rig Engineering

Call Our Office at 903-985-8160 We are the most knowledgeable rig engineering firm for your oilfield job. Our engineering API experts offer both education and real world oilfield experience. The person you see doing your inspection is likely the...

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Rig Emergency & Rig Repair

repair1 300x68 Rig Emergency & Rig Repair

Rig Emergency and Rig Repair If you have a rig emergency, Call Guice! Guice Oilfield will take a comprehensive look at your rig, troubleshoot problems, and provide a solution for optimal performance. We are the leader in assessing rig...

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design1 Fabrication

  GEI Welding is a full-service fabrication shop! We can design your next project and then build it for you. Our employees have more than 40 years of combined experience with welding procedures and steel fabrication work. We build...

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