Guice Engineering designs and manufactures an assortment of Oilfield Products.

Base Beam

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Standard Base Beam

A Base Beam is used on a workover rig for stabilization. They are used in place of ground anchors. Guice Base Beams set the standard for internal guying solutions. They are designed to meet requirements of API RP 4G 14.3. They are proven to decrease rig up and rig down times and can endure the rigorous stresses of the oilfield. Guice Base Beams come in three standard widths: 4, 5, and 6 feet but can also be designed to meet your specific needs. We manufacture in-house at GEI Welding. Each beam also comes with an assigned serial number to prove it’s a Guice Base Beam.

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Notched Base Beam

Fall Protection on Rigs

  • Guice Fall Protection Arms come in 4 ft and 5 ft sizes
  • Supports an OSHA mandated 5,400 lb load
  • Can be shipped anywhere in USA
  • Your team can custom mount the arm to best meet your needs (typically mounted on the crown beneath the platform) readily adapts to various derricks
  • Sealed mount stops for desired position to keep load point centered above monkey board

The President of Guice Oilfield: Dr. Lee Guice, PE invented the Guice SRL arm, a Fall Protection arm found on nearly all workover rigs in tight locations.

Our fall protection arm provides extra protection for your employees on the rig. With our staff of experienced licensed Professional Engineers (P.E.) we developed the Guice fall protection systems that meet OSHA, ANSI, ASME conformance.Guice Engineering is always innovating oilfield products with your safety in mind.


Workover Lifting Ramp

The Guice “Razor Ramp” is a short working area lift / ramp combo that ships in one single load. It raises workover rigs 4-8 ft, dependent on design, allowing use of your existing short rigs on most wellheads. With a net lifting load / capacity rated at 130K, the “Razor Ramp” allows 98′-104′ drilling rig to work on deeper holes with higher well head or BOP stacks.



Hydraulic Catwalk

The Guice Engineering cam design provides you multiple heights for multiple jobs. Easy rig up and rig down is achieved with the moving of a single pin. The Hydraulic Catwalk is a self-contained, hydraulic pipe assist machine. The lifting mechanism is designed to create opportunities where big hydraulic operations would otherwise be needed. The Hydraulic Catwalk picks up and lays down pipe rapidly, efficiently, and safely. It reduces personnel time and operation time on site and averts high-risk situations. The Hydraulic Catwalk eliminates costly man hours and strenuous effort by allowing employees to remain and work at a safe distance and avoiding the threat of “falling pipe” and personal harm. The Hydraulic Catwalk provides a safer way to handle pipe in high-risk situations, reducing insurance claims and saving your company money!

We Are The Leader In Oilfield Safety!